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Three "Evolution" 'fics, and four drabbles (Pietro and Magneto/Charles-centric).

Have written a selection of "Evolution" stuff (mostly Pietro and/or Magneto/Charles-based), and thought I'd share them here.

Title: "Stand Up"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 877
Summary: Pietro hurts his ankle. Magneto is there to help (aka "Dadneto to the rescue!"). Set around/between season 2/3. Title is also the name of a song from "Slayers Try."

( 'To his credit, it doesn't take long for Pyro to return, Magneto closely in tow. He takes one look at his son, sprawled on the ground, moaning a little, and his face darkens.' )

Title: "My Love Is Here To Stay"
Rating: R
Word Count: 854
Summary: Trapped together in the Genoshan wilderness, Magneto makes an uncomfortable decision in order to help his son Pietro. Meant to be something of a gap-filler for "Family Ties" and the Phalanx two-parter (both part of season four) that follows; obviously, I couldn't leave the bit about how Mags goes and visits his dead wife's grave at the same time every year well enough alone, either. Title is from Adam Sandler's song, "Welcome, My Son." Warning: Father/son incest.

( 'When they're caught in a storm, there seems to be little cause for alarm; and then a little bit of rain turns into a torrential downpour, the kind that the continent is known for in the summertime, and then the lightning strikes - literally. It's a spot of particularly bad luck that it hits Pietro, who topples, sizzling, a bit, to the wet ground, face caking with mud, even as Magneto screams 'Son!' and rushes towards his prone form. )

Title: "'Til The World Ends"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,793
Summary: In Apocalypse's grasp, Charles has little to do but wait. Spoilers for the series finale of "Evolution." Implied Magneto/Charles. Title is from the Britney Spears song of the same name. This entry also contains a small smut 'fic set in the same 'verse; 528 words, rated R, Magneto/Charles slash.

( ''Charles. What a sight for sore eyes.' The voice is low and familiar, and Charles feels relief course through him.' )

Also, I've written some drabbles, which are posted in a bunch. Of note: 1) Mystique makes Pietro prove that he's loyal to her (rated NC-17; UNDERAGE, since Pietro's 16-17); 2) Pietro ruminates on saving his father from the Sentinels in season two (rated PG); 3) Pietro isn't sure how to feel about Gambit (rated PG); and an alternate ending to a scene from 1x07, "Turn of the Rogue," wherein Magneto accuses Charles of keeping secrets and then breaks his window (rated R/NC-17 to be safe). There are others listed, as well, but they are not "Evolution"-centric, so.
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