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3 "Evolution" stories (Magneto/Charles-based); rated PG-13/R

Here is my latest haul of "Evolution"-based 'fic (all Magneto/Charles-centric, natch), for your potential perusal/enjoyment.


Title: "Something's Waiting Now to Pounce"
Rating: R
Word Count: 909
Summary: "'There is nothing I would rather be doing than acquiescing to an abduction by the Master of Magnetism on All Hallows' Eve.'" Magneto/Charles. Warning: Bondage. Title is from "This Is Halloween" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

( 'It doesn't help that Charles is putting up a good fight - or at least as good of one as he can, wiggling in place where he's bent forward, arms bound behind his back, legs dangling uselessly and tucked securely underneath Magneto's arm.' )


Title: "Those Who Can't, Teach"
Rating: PG-13/soft R
Word Count: 3,661
Summary: Post-"Evolution"; after Apocalypse has been defeated, Magneto moves into the mansion full-time, ostensibly as a teacher. Mixed reactions and wacky hijinx ensue.

( 'Charles holds up several small slips of paper. 'I think some of the female students are trying to petition for you to teach a sex-ed class; there were three separate suggestions of that nature, and a fourth that simply said, 'I want to sit on Professor Magnus' face.' So I assume the creator was of the same general persuasion.'' )


Title: "Make Up For Lost Time"
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,862
Summary: On the return trip to the mansion after seeing "Wicked," Charles and Magneto find that the play hits a little close to home. Set in the "Those Who Can't, Teach" universe.

( 'The car directly behind them in the lengthy procession leading, eventually, out of the garage moves a miniscule inch or two forward. Telepathically, Charles can feel everybody in their own vehicle tense in anticipation, and then collapse again mentally in frustrated defeat.' )
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