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X-Men: Evolution Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Marvel Big Bang! [23 May 2012|05:12pm]


marvel_bang | Dates | Guidelines

marvel_bang will be opening for sign-ups on Wednesday, 30 May. Stories should be at least 10,000 words in length, and can be from any corner of the Marvel fandom - comics, movies, television, video games, anything! The only rule is that it must focus on a Marvel character. (If you have a DC-centric story in mind, check out our sister comm, dcu_bang.) Watch the community for more details!

Don't forget to check out our prompt post for ideas or to leave some bunnies of your own!
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[14 Apr 2012|01:28am]


In which I'll be picspamming Kurtty screencaps from the entire series. This post will contain caps of them in S1.

HERE @ enrai_graphics
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Delete if not allowed. . . [05 Mar 2012|06:56pm]


Click on the banner and join in the fun! (:

Just pimping the com I've become a mod for. . . Please feel free to come and have a look around, and if you want too, sign up. More than one person can have the same claim, and claims can be as detailed as you like. Claim one episode, or person, or just general. . . Come and join in!

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merry christmas, everyone! [26 Dec 2011|12:52am]


A Very Evo Christmas
X-Men: Evolution (2x07 On Angel's Wings)

picspam @ enrai_graphics
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Um, Hi! [23 Nov 2011|08:43pm]

Hey there,
I'm new to the community, and was wondering if anyone knows where I could find copies of InterNutter's fics, particularly Misfits and others involving Sara. I know she has a fanfiction.net page, but the version of Misfits on there is about another 20 chapters short of the one that was on her site before it crashed.

There was also one involving Kurt and either Amanda or kitty reincarnating through the ages, and I can't for the life of me remember it, as well as one with Kurt being sold to a circus and promptly adopted by a member of the crew who remids him of his mother.

Any help would be much appreciated in finding these. Or any links to recommended fic.
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3 "Evolution" stories (Magneto/Charles-based); rated PG-13/R [16 Nov 2011|02:12pm]

Here is my latest haul of "Evolution"-based 'fic (all Magneto/Charles-centric, natch), for your potential perusal/enjoyment.


Title: "Something's Waiting Now to Pounce"
Rating: R
Word Count: 909
Summary: "'There is nothing I would rather be doing than acquiescing to an abduction by the Master of Magnetism on All Hallows' Eve.'" Magneto/Charles. Warning: Bondage. Title is from "This Is Halloween" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

( 'It doesn't help that Charles is putting up a good fight - or at least as good of one as he can, wiggling in place where he's bent forward, arms bound behind his back, legs dangling uselessly and tucked securely underneath Magneto's arm.' )


Title: "Those Who Can't, Teach"
Rating: PG-13/soft R
Word Count: 3,661
Summary: Post-"Evolution"; after Apocalypse has been defeated, Magneto moves into the mansion full-time, ostensibly as a teacher. Mixed reactions and wacky hijinx ensue.

( 'Charles holds up several small slips of paper. 'I think some of the female students are trying to petition for you to teach a sex-ed class; there were three separate suggestions of that nature, and a fourth that simply said, 'I want to sit on Professor Magnus' face.' So I assume the creator was of the same general persuasion.'' )


Title: "Make Up For Lost Time"
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,862
Summary: On the return trip to the mansion after seeing "Wicked," Charles and Magneto find that the play hits a little close to home. Set in the "Those Who Can't, Teach" universe.

( 'The car directly behind them in the lengthy procession leading, eventually, out of the garage moves a miniscule inch or two forward. Telepathically, Charles can feel everybody in their own vehicle tense in anticipation, and then collapse again mentally in frustrated defeat.' )
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Fanfiction: Speed of Silence, Sound of Silence [08 Nov 2011|12:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi, fellow mutants! ^-^ I'm new around here, so I thought I'll bring a bit of fanfiction as a gift to break the ice...

Title: “Speed of Silence, Sound of Silence”
Status: One-Shot; Complete
Characters: Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver); Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), Mystique, Gambit, Sabretooth
Disclaimer: I would love to own X-Men: Evolution, but sadly, I don’t.
Rating: PG 13
Beta: The great snare-chan! Thank you so much!
Summary: Quicksilver forgets about the golden rule when it comes to fighting, as he speeds around, wrecking havoc among the shouting guards. - He feels invincible... But he soon learns he isn’t and then someone has to step in...
Genre: Oyako (father and son) ”fluff” (as fluffy as those two can get, anyway)

”Shit,” he mumbles and stares up at the guard; defiance brightening his eyes. He's the quickest guy around here, but death speeds closer in slow motion...Collapse )

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New Evo icons at umidesign! [24 Oct 2011|12:24am]

Going through the seasons and making icons sets. Beginning with Season 1:
here is what I have done so far, enjoy and please be open with feedback and requests.

icons can be viewed here

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[x140] X-Men: Evolution {season #4} icons (mostly Rogue) [16 Oct 2011|07:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Post #046 @ radcore_graphic

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FIC: "Let's Make Believe"; Charles/Jean; post-"Evolution," rated NC-17 [13 Oct 2011|01:10am]

Title: "Let's Make Believe"
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Here's a little story that Jean and Charles made up. Set a couple of years after "Evolution" (so Jean is at least 18 here, though she roleplays a younger student - fair warning if that kind of thing squicks you), and based on an incredibly silly-ass season one episode of "The Super Hero Squad Show," wherein Jean is the Xavier Institute's only cheerleader, and also kind of a total cooze. Title is from Britney Spears' "I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)." Warning for spanking, and some dirty talk.

( 'She enters his office and shuts the door, and immediately, he can tell that she's in character, twirling a strand of hair around her finger, and prancing a little, green socks rolled down stylishly above white Keds.' )
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FIC: "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"; rated PG [05 Oct 2011|04:06pm]

Title: "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,270
Summary: Pietro alerts Charles of what has transpired between Wanda, Magneto, and Mastermind, much to Charles' chagrin. Takes place after "The Toad, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" ("Evolution" 'verse, natch). Implied Magneto/Charles.

( 'When they do, at last, meet, it is in the dead of night, as usual, well after Charles should be in bed.' )
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4 "Evolution"-based stories; rated PG - NC-17 [03 Oct 2011|09:15pm]

Enclosed are a handful of "Evolution"-based stories.

Title: "'Til The World Ends"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,793
Summary: In Apocalypse's grasp, Charles has little to do but wait. Spoilers for the series finale of "Evolution." Implied Magneto/Charles. Title is from the Britney Spears song of the same name. The same link also contains a 529-word 'ficlet featuring a decidedly smuttier aspect of the same scene. Summary: Charles and Magneto take advantage of what little time they have together. Rated a hard R. Title ("Baby, Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight") is also from Britney's "'Til The World Ends."

( ''Charles. What a sight for sore eyes.' The voice is low and familiar, and Charles feels relief course through him. )

Title: "And You Are Only Just Beginning"
Rated: PG
Word Count: 1,170
Summary: Charles resumes his role as headmaster at the Xavier Institute, and also copes with the task of rebuilding the mansion, keeping track of old acquaintances, and dealing with a very moody Scott Summers. This is a gap-filler regarding Charles' return at the end of episode 3x02, "The Stuff of Heroes." Implied Magneto/Charles. Title is from Nick Cave's "O Children." (The same link also has a couple of Charles/Scott drabbles, but they aren't Magneto/Charles-related. Please read the warnings on them carefully.)

( 'Magneto contacts him, as usual, from an undisclosed location, his voice low and concerned.' )

Title: "Hold It Against Me" (same link)
Rating: PG
word Count: 1,250
Summary: "How to be Charles Xavier: Act like a smug dick." Tracks Mystique's progress at the end of season two of "Evolution." Implied Mageto/Charles. Title is the name of a Britney Spears song.

( 'Charles groans softly as she tugs him from his chair, buoyed gently in 'Magneto's' strong arms. She feels him curl instinctively against the broad chest, and snorts.' )

Title: "I Think I'm Ready For My Close-Up"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,539
Summary: Pietro learns a complicated lesson about not snooping through his father's security tapes. Set during "Evolution," and features Pietro/his hand and Magneto/Charles. Title is from Britney Spears' "Kill the Lights."

( 'At the bottom of a pile, he spots an unlabeled video cassette.' )
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Three "Evolution" 'fics, and four drabbles (Pietro and Magneto/Charles-centric). [30 Sep 2011|08:31am]

Have written a selection of "Evolution" stuff (mostly Pietro and/or Magneto/Charles-based), and thought I'd share them here.

Title: "Stand Up"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 877
Summary: Pietro hurts his ankle. Magneto is there to help (aka "Dadneto to the rescue!"). Set around/between season 2/3. Title is also the name of a song from "Slayers Try."

( 'To his credit, it doesn't take long for Pyro to return, Magneto closely in tow. He takes one look at his son, sprawled on the ground, moaning a little, and his face darkens.' )

Title: "My Love Is Here To Stay"
Rating: R
Word Count: 854
Summary: Trapped together in the Genoshan wilderness, Magneto makes an uncomfortable decision in order to help his son Pietro. Meant to be something of a gap-filler for "Family Ties" and the Phalanx two-parter (both part of season four) that follows; obviously, I couldn't leave the bit about how Mags goes and visits his dead wife's grave at the same time every year well enough alone, either. Title is from Adam Sandler's song, "Welcome, My Son." Warning: Father/son incest.

( 'When they're caught in a storm, there seems to be little cause for alarm; and then a little bit of rain turns into a torrential downpour, the kind that the continent is known for in the summertime, and then the lightning strikes - literally. It's a spot of particularly bad luck that it hits Pietro, who topples, sizzling, a bit, to the wet ground, face caking with mud, even as Magneto screams 'Son!' and rushes towards his prone form. )

Title: "'Til The World Ends"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,793
Summary: In Apocalypse's grasp, Charles has little to do but wait. Spoilers for the series finale of "Evolution." Implied Magneto/Charles. Title is from the Britney Spears song of the same name. This entry also contains a small smut 'fic set in the same 'verse; 528 words, rated R, Magneto/Charles slash.

( ''Charles. What a sight for sore eyes.' The voice is low and familiar, and Charles feels relief course through him.' )

Also, I've written some drabbles, which are posted in a bunch. Of note: 1) Mystique makes Pietro prove that he's loyal to her (rated NC-17; UNDERAGE, since Pietro's 16-17); 2) Pietro ruminates on saving his father from the Sentinels in season two (rated PG); 3) Pietro isn't sure how to feel about Gambit (rated PG); and an alternate ending to a scene from 1x07, "Turn of the Rogue," wherein Magneto accuses Charles of keeping secrets and then breaks his window (rated R/NC-17 to be safe). There are others listed, as well, but they are not "Evolution"-centric, so.
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I see your lipstick on your glass. [30 Sep 2011|03:04am]

Title: I wish I loved you.
Series: X-Men: Evolution.
Rating: T+
Pairing: Scott/Rogue. Implied Scott/Taryn.
Disclaimer: Own nothing.
Notes: I have issues regarding my birthday. Some misspellings are there on purpose as an attempt to show a drunk slurring of speech. Other misspellings are accidental.
Summary: Scott Summers has issues regarding his Birthday.

I find your note, the letters ran. )

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FIC: "We Meet in the Middle On Our Way Back Down to Earth"; rated PG-13 [26 Sep 2011|01:50am]

Title: "We Meet in the Middle On Our Way Back Down to Earth"
Rating: PG-13 (light descriptions of violence)
Word Count: 1,972
Summary: Wanda intends to get her revenge on Magneto, no matter what it entails, even if it means hurting the person closest to her in the world. Set after the season three episode, "The Stuff of Villains," and, I guess, meant to take the place of "The Toad, The Witch, and The Wardrobe." Title comes from (wince) Justin Bieber's "Down to Earth."

( 'She brandishes an object suddenly, pulled from her pocket, and Pietro gapes at it fearfully. 'Wanda, why do you need a knife? Put it down, okay? Y-you ... you could really hurt somebody.'' )
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FIC: "From May to December"; Charles/Jean; rated NC-17 [25 Sep 2011|02:23am]

Title: "From May to December"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,355
Summary: It's the ballad of Charles and Jean, in five movements. I think I envisioned this as set during/between "Evolution" and the original animated series, but it's kind of malleable; Jean is of age, however, when all the sex stuff begins, so. Also contains Scott/Jean, with accompanying voyeur!Charles; also, some bondage/BDSM themes in one section; and Phoenix/Charles, as well as Charles being a Cunning Linguist. Yeah.

( 'When Jean kisses him for the first time, Charles is hardly surprised.' )
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FIC: "Birthday Boy"; Lance/Pietro; implied Lance/Kitty; rated NC-17 [23 Sep 2011|06:01pm]

Title: "Birthday Boy"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,255
Summary: Wanda's brilliant plan to get Pietro and Lance together on Lance's birthday leaves Pietro a little tied up. Warning: Bondage. Features Wanda the Perverted, Vaguely Incestuous Matchmaker, Pietro/Lance, and implied Lance/Kitty. Set around season 2/3 of "Evolution."

''Are you sure this is a good idea?' Pietro Maximoff asked his twin sister Wanda, watching nervously as she continued winding thick, red ribbon around his ankles, eventually securing it in one of several tight knots.' )
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FIC: "The Origin of Species"; rated PG-13 [22 Sep 2011|04:49pm]

Title: "The Origin of Species"
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,263
Summary: Charles meets the brilliant geneticist, Erik Lehnsherr, during an otherwise run-of-the-mill internship, and his world turns upside down; an "X-Men: Evolutions" origin story. Written using the fourth prompt table (unofficially, 'cause I'm a jerk) over at 1fandom. Warning: Flagrant semi-colon abuse (to actually keep this at only 50 sentences, natch); mentions of infidelity (contains both Erik/Charles and Charles/Gabrielle).

( 'It's not a confession, per se, as much as it is Charles being in the wrong place when Erik decides to let loose; the (metal) tray floats effortlessly in the air before him, and he's plucking a slim, glass tube from it when his head whips around, his mouth hanging open suddenly when he hears a small noise: 'Charles,' he intones in shock, and Charles doesn't know what to say. )
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'Fic continuation: "Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me," Charles/Pietro; rated NC-17 [12 Sep 2011|01:53am]

I've written a continuation of my Charles/Pietro story, "Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me" (warning: UNDERAGE, Pietro is 16-17 here; also contains Magneto/Charles in the background), rated NC-17; in which Charles punishes Pietro for letting Wanda know where Magneto was hiding out (re: the ski resort debacle). Contains spanking. 1,208 words. Posted with three other 'fic continuations, though none are "Evolution" based.

( 'When Magneto fairly drags Pietro into the room by the arm, Charles already knows what he's there for, of course ...' )
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FIC: "Going to the Chapel"; Erik/Charles; rated PG [08 Sep 2011|10:21pm]

Title: "Going to the Chapel"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,272
Summary: Charles and Erik get gay married, "X-Men: Evolution"-style! Takes place some time after the series finale.

( 'Charles is ruminating over the way Erik's toothbrush handle (red, of course, and Charles' is blue) crosses in front of his, protective and bold, and that's when he decides that he has officially become a sentimental old sod, and makes his way back out into his and Erik's shared master suite.' )
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