Mr. Fancy Pants (citizenjess) wrote in xmenevolution,
Mr. Fancy Pants

FIC: "We Meet in the Middle On Our Way Back Down to Earth"; rated PG-13

Title: "We Meet in the Middle On Our Way Back Down to Earth"
Rating: PG-13 (light descriptions of violence)
Word Count: 1,972
Summary: Wanda intends to get her revenge on Magneto, no matter what it entails, even if it means hurting the person closest to her in the world. Set after the season three episode, "The Stuff of Villains," and, I guess, meant to take the place of "The Toad, The Witch, and The Wardrobe." Title comes from (wince) Justin Bieber's "Down to Earth."

( 'She brandishes an object suddenly, pulled from her pocket, and Pietro gapes at it fearfully. 'Wanda, why do you need a knife? Put it down, okay? Y-you ... you could really hurt somebody.'' )
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