Mr. Fancy Pants (citizenjess) wrote in xmenevolution,
Mr. Fancy Pants

4 "Evolution"-based stories; rated PG - NC-17

Enclosed are a handful of "Evolution"-based stories.

Title: "'Til The World Ends"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,793
Summary: In Apocalypse's grasp, Charles has little to do but wait. Spoilers for the series finale of "Evolution." Implied Magneto/Charles. Title is from the Britney Spears song of the same name. The same link also contains a 529-word 'ficlet featuring a decidedly smuttier aspect of the same scene. Summary: Charles and Magneto take advantage of what little time they have together. Rated a hard R. Title ("Baby, Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight") is also from Britney's "'Til The World Ends."

( ''Charles. What a sight for sore eyes.' The voice is low and familiar, and Charles feels relief course through him. )

Title: "And You Are Only Just Beginning"
Rated: PG
Word Count: 1,170
Summary: Charles resumes his role as headmaster at the Xavier Institute, and also copes with the task of rebuilding the mansion, keeping track of old acquaintances, and dealing with a very moody Scott Summers. This is a gap-filler regarding Charles' return at the end of episode 3x02, "The Stuff of Heroes." Implied Magneto/Charles. Title is from Nick Cave's "O Children." (The same link also has a couple of Charles/Scott drabbles, but they aren't Magneto/Charles-related. Please read the warnings on them carefully.)

( 'Magneto contacts him, as usual, from an undisclosed location, his voice low and concerned.' )

Title: "Hold It Against Me" (same link)
Rating: PG
word Count: 1,250
Summary: "How to be Charles Xavier: Act like a smug dick." Tracks Mystique's progress at the end of season two of "Evolution." Implied Mageto/Charles. Title is the name of a Britney Spears song.

( 'Charles groans softly as she tugs him from his chair, buoyed gently in 'Magneto's' strong arms. She feels him curl instinctively against the broad chest, and snorts.' )

Title: "I Think I'm Ready For My Close-Up"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,539
Summary: Pietro learns a complicated lesson about not snooping through his father's security tapes. Set during "Evolution," and features Pietro/his hand and Magneto/Charles. Title is from Britney Spears' "Kill the Lights."

( 'At the bottom of a pile, he spots an unlabeled video cassette.' )
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